“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Overcomers learn to see the stars during the dark times in their lives. May you experience the strength of the overcomers I’ve interviewed and find inspiration as you read their amazing stories.   Read More

Website Makeover!

It’s been five years since I launched melonybrown.com to share the stories of courageous women who fight to overcome. It has been an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! And one in which I plan to continue! So, it was time (really past time) to give this website a makeover!     Here’s the original website design.  Scroll down to Read More

Let Justice Roll Down

As we honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fight for civil rights today, I’d like to high-light another civil rights leader who has continued to fight for racial equality: Dr. John Perkins.   End to Racism MLK, Jr. began fearlessly and nonviolently fighting for civil rights in 1955. His impassioned speeches Read More

Gluten Intolerance – Trendy or Truth?

    There’s so much hype in the media about gluten intolerance. Is it just trendy, or is it truth for some? For seven years, the ten doctors Sherry*consulted with couldn’t explain the severe skin rash that covered her body. * Her real name, used with permission.   Top of the List In October of Read More

Bring My Praise

  When Wanda’s* son, Brian, was tragically killed in a car wreck in 1996, she didn’t have any praise to bring. * Her real name, used with permission. Even though she was angry at God for the loss of her son, she never blamed Him.  “That first year was a blur. I knew I needed Read More

When God Doesn’t Fix It

In her book When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story details the unexpected path she and her husband, Martin, have been traveling since 2006. Just two years into their marriage, Martin’s CT and MRI results would dramatically change the trajectory of their lives. A Brain Tumor “The scans indicate I have a brain tumor and it Read More

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