“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Overcomers learn to see the stars during the dark times in their lives. May you experience the strength of the overcomers I’ve interviewed and find inspiration as you read their amazing stories.


Hope Prevails

hope-prevails-cover“I’ve written this book because I’ve been there,” Dr. Michelle Bengtson shares in her newly released book Hope Prevails. Not only does she treat patients who are in the pit of depression, but she’s been there herself.

Chains of Depression Falling Off

As a… Continue reading

Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar

Teressa warrior woman quote


Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar

Teres’sa* is definitely a warrior woman. She and the other warrior women at the sexual abuse counseling center where she works adopted the motto “Hear Me Roar!” to remind them to be outspoken about and fight… Continue reading

God’s Got This

The last eight months have been an unbelievable part of my journey of overcoming, to say the least.

My past: stroke at age 2 and three mini-strokes (February 2010, April 2014, September 2014). My neurologist said he would send me to speak to the neurosurgeon… Continue reading

Who Am I?

robbin baby pic

Robbin at 6 months

Robbin* doesn’t remember not knowing she was adopted. Her adoptive parents, who couldn’t have children of their own, provided her a wonderful, loving home.

For those of us who were raised by our biological parents, there is an innate sense of… Continue reading

Look Twice – Save a Life

Jessica Look Twice Save A Life


Ordinary days can turn tragic in a split second.

An ordinary weekend motorcycle ride on a sunny day in June of 2012 turned tragic when Jessica* and her boyfriend were hit head on by a truck. She survived, but with multiple injuries. Her boyfriend,… Continue reading

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Melony Brown I have had numerous opportunities to hear stories about women who have faced life's tough challenges. My writing reflects the lessons I’ve learned from these amazing women.

My blog has their real-life stories, while the book I'm writing follows a fictional character as she faces life's challenges.


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