“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Overcomers learn to see the stars during the dark times in their lives. May you experience the strength of the overcomers I’ve interviewed and find inspiration as you read their amazing stories.


Looped Like a Cassette Tape

When the majority of couples say I do, their intentions are to stick together for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Divorce is the last thing on their minds when they seal their vows with a kiss. But,… Continue reading

Switch On Your Brain

brain - switch on book coverIn another life, I might have been a neuropsychologist as I am utterly fascinated with the brain and how it works. Dr. Caroline Leaf, a leader in the field of cognitive neuroscience, has spent her career studying the brain and how crucially important it… Continue reading

Chasing My Dr. House

cara harperThe phone call regarding her dad being transported to the hospital with chest pains happened a few hours after the headache that started Cara* down a path she’s still on today – 8 years later. Thankfully, her dad recovered from his mild heart attack. Cara,… Continue reading

Overcomer’s Playlist

My husband Jeff

My husband Jeff

It may be because my husband is a musician, but music speaks to me. I do not have any musical talent myself – I truly wish I did! But several have caught me singing at the top of my lungs while securely… Continue reading

Broken but Priceless


chronic illness invisible-illness icebergMany of us face a health struggle at some point in our lives. Uncomfortable and inconvenient as it may be, it generally has a short duration. 133 million Americans wish for a health struggle with a short duration. Instead, they suffer from chronic illnesses,… Continue reading

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Melony Brown I have had numerous opportunities to hear stories about women who have faced life's tough challenges. My writing reflects the lessons I’ve learned from these amazing women.

My blog has their real-life stories, while the book I'm writing follows a fictional character as she faces life's challenges.


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