“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Overcomers learn to see the stars during the dark times in their lives. May you experience the strength of the overcomers I’ve interviewed and find inspiration as you read their amazing stories.


Embrace the Child You’re Given

boy anger outburstAva* and Matthew* knew their son Sam’s* disruptive and violent behavior wasn’t like the other children his age, but they didn’t understand what was causing it or how to discipline him each time it occurred. These parents, like many others, felt helpless because they didn’t… Continue reading

Redeeming Love

Redeeming_Love song

Photo credit: ropaxman.com


As Twyla* shares her story with me, I cannot help but think back to Rivers’s book. It should have been no surprise when at the end of the interview, I asked if any books had impacted her during her journey of… Continue reading

I’m A Survivor!

childhood cancer survivorLike most survivors, Lillie* wants to share her story of overcoming childhood cancer to encourage and motivate others who face life’s tough challenges.

I’ve learned young overcomers have much wisdom – we would do good to listen and learn.

* Her real name, used with… Continue reading

one thousand gifts

Melony's Book Reviews

One of the best gifts given to me as a child was the Christmas I received a $25 gift certificate to the book store. As a child, I loved visiting the small library in the center of town every Saturday with my mom. But a… Continue reading

Fear Not Tomorrow

Carol SzellSometimes healing doesn’t happen. Here on earth, anyways. Sometimes overcoming life’s tough challenges happens when you reach heaven.

A year ago today (April 15, 2013), Carol* finally experienced her healing and became the ultimate overcomer.

*Her real name, used with permission from her husband… Continue reading

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Melony Brown I have had numerous opportunities to hear stories about women who have faced life's tough challenges. My writing reflects the lessons I’ve learned from these amazing women.

My blog has their real-life stories, while the book I'm writing follows a fictional character as she faces life's challenges.


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