My life is marked by encounters and relationships with quirky, broken or struggling people. My interest in these types of people lies in the fact that I am one of them. At the age of two, I experienced a devastating stroke that paralyzed my left side, put my balance off kilter, and wrecked the fine motor skills in my left hand.

 An “Overcomer Attitude”

Because some of these effects still linger, I see and experience life differently. In my opinion, I am blessed by this unusual perspective. My parents should be given all the credit for the “overcomer attitude” I’ve had all my life as they never allowed me to use my stroke as an excuse.

It was no surprise to my parents when I decided to become a special education teacher. If anyone could empathize with students who daily experienced the challenges of learning disabilities or inattentive behavior or a traumatic brain injury, it would be me. For eleven years, I had the privilege of working with all kinds of special education students who taught me much about overcoming their individual challenges.

Several posts cover the different parts of my story of overcoming. Check them out here:

My Writing Journey

When my older son started Kindergarten, I began writing full-time, which was a dream come true for me. Several years into my pursuit of a career in writing, I believe God used a family member’s near death experience and the attitude of overcoming to spur me into writing inspirational fictional accounts of women who have overcome life’s tough challenges.

Over the last fifteen years of my writing journey, I have had numerous opportunities to hear stories about women who have faced tragedies, infertility, stents in prison, serious health issues, parenting children who have struggles of their own, and addictions. Instead of choosing defeat, these women have inspired me with their determined attitude to overcome the tough challenges they faced. My writing reflects the lessons I’ve learned from these amazing women.

Discovering I couldn’t separate my passion for teaching and writing, I partnered with my younger son’s teacher eight years ago to mentor her students in the art of creative writing. These students agreed to challenge themselves by participating in the Young Writers Program (YWP) of National Novel Writing Month. What amazingly creative stories they wrote!

I got hooked when I experienced their joy. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring nine other classes of young writers.

My Family

My family has been my biggest cheerleaders. My husband Jeff and I have been happily married for twenty four years. Without his support, I wouldn’t be pursuing my passion for writing. Our oldest son is at Wright State University in Ohio, pursuing a degree in technical theater. Our younger son, a high school freshman, is our in-house tech support and will likely pursue a degree in computer science.

When I’m not writing, you’ll likely catch me reading. I believe nature hikes are great opportunities to think and enjoy God’s creation.

Interviews of Women Overcoming

The interviews on my blog page are meant to inspire you and fill you with hope, even if you’ve not faced each woman’s specific challenge. You might be surprised at the lessons you’ll learn and the inspiration that will arise in your heart.

May we all strive to be a listening ear or offer a helping hand to someone who is experiencing a tragedy or in the midst of a tough challenge.

I invite you to join me on my blog page and leave an inspirational comment or message of hope for these courageous women.

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