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No Favorites

Ann’s* childhood on the family farm was uneventful until the morning she woke up unable to move from her neck down. She cried out to her parents. Her dad rushed into her room and quickly realized the family doctor needed to come to the house. * Her real name, used with permission. Ruled Out Spinal Meningitis Read More

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Grateful, Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of Dianne’s story, please read it here first. God Protected Her One night after moving into her own apartment, Dianne invited a friend over to hang out. When Dianne heard footsteps outside the door, she opened it to find a man with a gun instead of her friend. He Read More

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Grateful, Part 1

Dianne* met a couple of strip club dancers when she was 17 who encouraged her to dance, but she told them she wasn’t interested. So they encouraged her to turn tricks instead. * Her real name, used with permission. “I was too screwed up to get a job, and I needed money for drugs,” Dianne Read More

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Looped Like a Cassette Tape

When the majority of couples say I do, their intentions are to stick together for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Divorce is the last thing on their minds when they seal their vows with a kiss. But, divorce unfortunately happens to some married couples. It’s never an easy Read More

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Chasing My Dr. House

The phone call regarding her dad being transported to the hospital with chest pains happened a few hours after the headache that started Cara* down a path she’s still on today – 8 years later. Thankfully, her dad recovered from his mild heart attack. Cara, however, still lives daily with a severe headache. * Her Read More

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