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The Scars That Have Shaped Me

“A scar is a mark left by a healed wound. My scars signify healing,” writes author Vaneetha Risner.

Yes! They definitely do signify healing.

As one with a “zipperhead” scar from brain surgery, I look at my scar in the mirror almost daily and know… Continue reading

Hope Prevails

hope-prevails-cover“I’ve written this book because I’ve been there,” Dr. Michelle Bengtson shares in her newly released book Hope Prevails. Not only does she treat patients who are in the pit of depression, but she’s been there herself.

Chains of Depression Falling Off

As a… Continue reading

Switch On Your Brain

brain - switch on book coverIn another life, I might have been a neuropsychologist as I am utterly fascinated with the brain and how it works. Dr. Caroline Leaf, a leader in the field of cognitive neuroscience, has spent her career studying the brain and how crucially important it… Continue reading

Where the Souls Go

ann hite where the souls goAnn Hite’s* third novel, Where the Souls Go, continues the Pritchard family saga in the Black Mountain series. Annie Todd, Grace Jean’s daughter, is added to the multi-layered mix of a dysfunctional family in the North Carolina mountains.

“Annie Todd’s journey with a… Continue reading

You’ll Get Through This

“What wisdom would you like to share?” is the most important question I ask each of the overcomers I interview. I want to, and I believe others want to, know what each woman has learned as she journeyed through her struggle.

you'll get through this coverMax Lucado gives his… Continue reading

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