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Grateful, Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of Dianne’s story, please read it here first. God Protected Her One night after moving into her own apartment, Dianne invited a friend over to hang out. When Dianne heard footsteps outside the door, she opened it to find a man with a gun instead of her friend. He Read More

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Grateful, Part 1

Dianne* met a couple of strip club dancers when she was 17 who encouraged her to dance, but she told them she wasn’t interested. So they encouraged her to turn tricks instead. * Her real name, used with permission. “I was too screwed up to get a job, and I needed money for drugs,” Dianne Read More

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Loved the Feeling of Being Starved

Like every college freshman who adds the “freshman fifteen,” Bridget* began dieting and exercising her sophomore year. Before long the glamorous idea of getting healthy turned into an obsessive behavior. One that took over her life. * Her real name, used with permission. Despite reaching the goal of studying meteorology at her first choice college, Read More

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