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Holocaust Survivor, Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of Helen’s story. Read it here first. Narrowly Escaped Death Helen narrowly escaped death at Auschwitz. However, she was not free. Yet. The note given to the SS officer saved Helen, her sister Pearl, and 500 other women from walking straight to the crematorium. But seeing the cattle cars Read More

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Holocaust Survivor, Part 1

Holocaust survivor Helen Weingarten* shares, “I fought to survive each day. I didn’t know if we would survive the next day. Then, we would survive the next day. We lived like this for 180 days.” * Her real name, used with permission. Holocaust Survivor It was a humbling and emotional experience to interview a Holocaust survivor Read More

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Ruby Is a Gem

If you know Ruby, then you definitely know Ruby IS a gem! * Her real name, used with permission.       Today is Ruby’s day! It’s World Down Syndrome Day!  If you aren’t wearing fun and funky socks, go change them right now! Typical of Neurological Struggles Nicole and Lehr decided not to have Read More

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The 1% Chance Side Effect

Side effects: you know, those warnings on the medications we take. All of us are guilty of not really heeding those warnings. We convince ourselves they only occur in 1% or less of those who sampled the medication. We naively believe those side effects will never happen to us. Anne* will tell you otherwise. She’ll tell Read More

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Who Am I?

Robbin* doesn’t remember not knowing she was adopted. Her adoptive parents, who couldn’t have children of their own, provided her a wonderful, loving home. For those of us who were raised by our biological parents, there is an innate sense of identity. My older son has the same blue eyes I have. My younger son Read More

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