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Holocaust Survivor, Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of Helen’s story. Read it here first. Narrowly Escaped Death Helen narrowly escaped death at Auschwitz. However, she was not free. Yet. The note given to the SS officer saved Helen, her sister Pearl, and 500 other women from walking straight to the crematorium. But seeing the cattle cars Read More

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Holocaust Survivor, Part 1

Holocaust survivor Helen Weingarten* shares, “I fought to survive each day. I didn’t know if we would survive the next day. Then, we would survive the next day. We lived like this for 180 days.” * Her real name, used with permission. Holocaust Survivor It was a humbling and emotional experience to interview a Holocaust survivor Read More

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Look Twice – Save a Life

  Ordinary days can turn tragic in a split second. An ordinary weekend motorcycle ride on a sunny day in June of 2012 turned tragic when Jessica* and her boyfriend were hit head on by a truck. She survived, but with multiple injuries. Her boyfriend, Nate, passed away later that evening after significant blood loss Read More

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Lisa’s Perfect Match

Sometimes an individual doesn’t realize the incredible story of overcoming her life is until it’s pointed out to her. Lisa* is definitely one of those individuals. * Her real name, used with permission. Lisa’s aunt, her mother’s sister, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease when Lisa was 23. “Even though I didn’t have any symptoms, I knew Read More

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Fear Not Tomorrow

Sometimes healing doesn’t happen. Here on earth, anyways. Sometimes overcoming life’s tough challenges happens when you reach heaven. A year ago today (April 15, 2013), Carol* finally experienced her healing and became the ultimate overcomer. *Her real name, used with permission from her husband and children. Fear Not Tomorrow It started as a simple case of Read More

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