Look Twice – Save a Life

Jessica Look Twice Save A Life


Ordinary days can turn tragic in a split second.

An ordinary weekend motorcycle ride on a sunny day in June of 2012 turned tragic when Jessica* and her boyfriend were hit head on by a truck. She survived, but with multiple injuries. Her boyfriend,… Continue reading

Lisa’s Perfect Match

lisa young 3Sometimes an individual doesn’t realize the incredible story of overcoming her life is until it’s pointed out to her. Lisa* is definitely one of those individuals.

* Her real name, used with permission.

Lisa’s aunt, her mother’s sister, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney… Continue reading

Fear Not Tomorrow

Carol SzellSometimes healing doesn’t happen. Here on earth, anyways. Sometimes overcoming life’s tough challenges happens when you reach heaven.

A year ago today (April 15, 2013), Carol* finally experienced her healing and became the ultimate overcomer.

*Her real name, used with permission from her husband… Continue reading

An Overcomer’s Wisdom

overcomer hand


It has been a year since I began sharing the stories of overcomers. I have been blessed by each of these women. Their willingness to share their struggles and how they’ve fought to overcome them not only blesses me, but each of you… Continue reading

Devastating Loss in Hurricane Katrina

On this eighth anniversary of the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in America’s history, Hurricane Katrina survivor Jennifer* shares her story of devastating loss. She might have lost almost every material thing in the storm, but she gained a closer relationship with God.

*Her real… Continue reading

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Melony Brown I have had numerous opportunities to hear stories about women who have faced life's tough challenges. My writing reflects the lessons I’ve learned from these amazing women.

My blog has their real-life stories, while the book I'm writing follows a fictional character as she faces life's challenges.


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