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Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar

  Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar Teres’sa* is definitely a warrior woman. She and the other warrior women at the sexual abuse counseling center where she works adopted the motto “Hear Me Roar!” to remind them to be outspoken about and fight for victims of sexual abuse. * Her real name, used with permission You see, Read More

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From Rubble to Royalty

If only there’d been a National Child Abuse Prevention Month when Tammy* was 4 years old. Maybe someone would have believed her cries for help and stopped her abusers. * Her real name, used with permission. No Voice With a severe alcoholic as a mother and a step-father addicted to porn, Tammy had no voice Read More

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An Orphan Heart

  Studies are replete linking gang involvement with children from dysfunctional families. Gangs prey on individuals who lack self-esteem, strong father figures, and family closeness. Looking back, Maureen* agrees she fit the profile to a T.  “I had such a longing in my heart for acceptance,” she shares. * Her real name, used with permission.  An Read More

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