Nothing Is Impossible

Tracy before her diagnosis

Tracy before her diagnosis

When her doctor’s nurse called her and said, “You need to come in. Bring someone with you,” Tracy* felt certain the endoscopic test results weren’t going to be good news.

* Her real name, used with permission.

Causing Her Unusual Symptoms… Continue reading

The 1% Chance Side Effect

Anne side effectsSide effects: you know, those warnings on the medications we take. All of us are guilty of not really heeding those warnings. We convince ourselves they only occur in 1% or less of those who sampled the medication. We naively believe those side effects will… Continue reading

A Reflection of Overcomers

A Reflection of Overcomers

mels-videoAs I approach the four year mark of my overcomer website, I found myself reflecting on all the INCREDIBLE stories I’ve had the opportunity to share.

Below you will find a powerful video titled A Reflection of Overcomers 2016.

I didn’t… Continue reading

Hope Prevails

hope-prevails-cover“I’ve written this book because I’ve been there,” Dr. Michelle Bengtson shares in her newly released book Hope Prevails. Not only does she treat patients who are in the pit of depression, but she’s been there herself.

Chains of Depression Falling Off

As a… Continue reading

Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar

Teressa warrior woman quote


Warrior Woman – Hear Me Roar

Teres’sa* is definitely a warrior woman. She and the other warrior women at the sexual abuse counseling center where she works adopted the motto “Hear Me Roar!” to remind them to be outspoken about and fight… Continue reading

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